Easy DIY: Metal Jar Lid Pumpkin

Sometimes you do things that turn out better than expected; this is the prime example of that.  I was happy to have the help of a friend when it came to spreading out the lids into this circular formation, but you could easily make these on your own.  This is a simple and easy craft that yields a sweet little pumpkin to ornament your home.

What you will need:
  • 12-24 Metal Jar Lid Rings (I used a box of 12.) 
  • A piece of twine or string
  • Cinnamon sticks
  • Optional: Burlap leaf piece
  • Hot glue sticks/ Hot glue gun

Again, this easy craft leaves you with a cute pumpkin decoration for your home fall decor collection, or it could be a wonderful hostess gift when headed to a dinner party.

First you take the metal lids and arrange them in a circle. If you line them up in a stack and feed the string through the stack, you can begin pulling them together by making a loose tie and pulling it slowly taught, so that you can arrange the pumpkin rings as you'd like.


The next step is to either insert the full cinnamon stick in the middle of your arrangement and tie a knot to secure the rings OR to tie the rings first and proceed by cutting a cinnamon stick the length that you would prefer your stem to be.  You then take the stem and hot glue it to the center of the fanned rings. 

I then added the simple touch of a burlap leaf.  I bought a wreath ornament that had a few leaves attached and just cut one of them off.  It attached next to the stem with the hot glue as well. 

Enjoy your pumpkin making!  

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