My 33rd birthday memoir...

We're gonna party like its 1981!

I'm 33 today.  Did you know that 33 is the smallest sum of two positive integers raised to the 5th powers? This may seem silly to you, but I rejoice in the number 3 and am thrilled to be 33 today. I should clarify that I am pretty far from narcissistic, but that I see birthday's as the only day for you to celebrate yourself fully.  You get to count your blessings, focus on the good, and speak to/text with/message with those people to whom you matter and who matter most to you.  How glorious is that?

I decided to recount some birthday party memories that I have.  I typically rely on one of my best friends since 3rd grade for pulling memories from the depths of my brain, but I am gonna try this on my own today.  I can remember a party at Showbiz pizza (Chuckie Cheese's prior to the rebranding movement) with the big animatronic gorilla and skeeball.  In kindergarden, we had a cookie decorating party. Though my memory of this is mild, I have pictures that involve some of my friends and acquaintances of today!  Afterward I can recall egg-in-spoon races down the driveway. Beyond that, I remember in 5th grade having a scavenger hunt in the neighborhood.  We had teams and went door-to-door knocking in search of a wide array of randomness.  My standout memory of that year was my big brother's involvement in the winning team which was not mine.  I had countless sleepovers which always involved tasty donuts in the morning, and at which, I was, without fail, the first one asleep.  The swim party in 6th grade was my first boy/girl party that I can recall.  It was amazing.  I still have vivid memories of sitting in the hot tub, racing to the deep end for the pool light, and giggling. Flash forward to my 30th birthday party, at my favorite restaurant Malaga in downtown Austin where everyone was adorned with sequins.  It was followed by dancing and fun at Speak Easy.  Surrounded by friends, you really can't go wrong celebrating your birthday!  So many wonderful memories flood my mind.  

What are your favorite birthday party memories as a kid? Please leave a comment below with yours.  

My sister in law shares my birthday.  Ever since I was a teenager I have adored her sense of style and fashion.  I felt privileged to have a friend who makes such lovely and stylish things that I had the opportunity to send something unique and handmade to my sister in law for her birthday celebration. Check out the Etsy shop: Wild Air and Co.  I love sharing this day with her.   It is a wonderful link between us. 

I love checking my social media to see who reaches out on birthdays.  The canned response of "thanks for all of the birthday wishes" the following day truly doesn't encompass the way in which it invigorates a person and makes them feel special.  It is endearing and sweet in so many ways.  The text messages and phone call make me smile. 

Additionally, I adore actual cards too.  I love getting mail that isn't bills and opening to see if its gonna be sweet, funny, or somewhere in the mix.  When I send a card, I typically make it a point to put in a doodle by me.  I like to see people's personal touches on all of them.  I love when my friend Brooklyn doodles on practically anything.  Her artistic touch is always splendid.  

I find it funny that we celebrate birth days for those who were birthed.  I often think on the fact that they should possibly be celebrated by those who do the birthing. It is significant to make that loop all the way around the sun, but more importantly it is great to acknowledge the grow that has happened the past year and to make goals for the upcoming one. It like our own personal New Year's.  We can resolve to enact changes and goals that will ultimately lead us one step closer to where we would love to be in life.  I have made a list for myself that I would like to accomplish during the next year.  This is always entertaining to revisit as the year passes by.  I tend to make these lists on the notepad of my phone because it is so handy to reference at any point.  It is great for accountability purposes. 

I cannot wait to go to work to see all the smiling little faces and hear their well wishes too.  Most people would dread working on their birthday, but I am excited to celebrate with my young friends.  We are going to dance our hearts out and rejoice in the day.    

Thanks for making me feel extra special and happy on this birthday; I am lucky and blessed to have so many loving and caring friends and family members in my life. 

To 33! and all that it will be!  Happy birthday to me! 

All photo courtesy of Michelle Marie Photography.



  1. 33 is my favorite number!! These are great facts to know... Love this post and happy birthday again!

  2. If the birthdays are celebrated by those who do the birthing, then that would have to be called Labor Day. And since there's already a holiday for Labor Day, that would totally throw your Confessions of a Holiday Enthusiast blog into a frenzy. I'm just sayin'.