Thriller Dance Mob: An Undead Tradition

Three years ago, on a whim, I decided that we (my dance community and I) were going to try remaking Thriller in the parking lot of my dance studio.  The result was thrown together quickly but amazingly fun.  We all wore our best zombie attire, applied makeup quickly, and decided to dance in the parking lot to make it as true to the original as we could.  A good photographer friend of mine (Farid Zarrinabadi of AustinPhotoNet) came and videoed for us so we could forever encapsulate this new found tradition we were bound and determined to continue. 

The result of our first Thriller recreation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w5EXwpiL-Xo&list=UURCY0pqOuDV-8At30tyDlFg

Fast forward to a year later, I decided to continue the tradition but this time to collaborate with our small town, the City of Pflugerville, and HEB's Community Challenge to make a city wide Thriller event. Why not be as inclusive as possible in spreading a little Halloween cheer?

We began by posting the breakdown of the choreography to YouTube and then inviting anyone and everyone we knew to participate.  At the event we had an assembly line of zombie face painting and a giant vat of corn syrup blood to add to the mix.  One by one faces turned white, were deathly shadowed and scarred, and began to "bleed" a sugar red mix. 

One of our resident photographers, Elizabeth Zimmerman of EZ Photography, captured some beautiful pictures of the event. 

It was a sight for sore eyes to watch the community come together in an effort to dance this time honored dance developed by Michael Jackson.  As a dancer, it was honestly amazing to see how enthusiastic everyone was about participating.  

This past weekend we gathered as a group to flash mob surprise an HOA's Fall Festival and again this weekend we will be performing at our local soccer fields.  I can say in all honesty that I love the enthusiasm and excitement that accompanies this tradition.  Although we have moved from place to place; this tradition seems to one that is preserving and becoming better each year. One day hopefully we can have a Central Texas area wide event of zombie's gathering to dance like the dead!

I encourage you all to arrange a Thriller mob in your neighborhoods.  You will be surprised and astonished at how many people love a little zombie dancing!

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