Pumpkin Decorating with Kids

Decorating pumpkins with kids is a fun experience all around.  They want to express themselves and put their personal touch on each pumpkin.  It is enjoyable to watch them experience this creative outlet as they adorn their pumpkin picks.

I had the pleasure of decorating with my niece and nephew.  So for her, we went with a 'Frozen' pumpkin and for him, we went with Spiderman.  (I debated Captain America too but figure the webs were easier to create than the circles on the unforgiving bumpy surface.)  We also made some additions that we could all play a part in. The results were fabulous.

For the 'Frozen' pumpkin, we began with a base coat of baby blue.  I brought a crown to top it off, sticky back rhinestones, snowflake stickers, silver sequins, and glitter. She went to town!  It turned out to be a beautiful pumpkin. Elsa would have surely adored this one.

For our Spiderman creation, we began with a base coat of red.  We added a spider cutout with mod podge. Using a blue paint pen we drew our webbing and outline of eyes to complete the masked look.   Using acrylic paint he filled in the eye cut outs and added his personal touch to the pumpkin.

While I was there I figured I might as well do another!  I decided on a gold pumpkin with a glitter spider and web.  I did the base paint for this one with spray paint as well. I added the cutouts that i found for embellishment at Michael's using Tacky glue.

Since the melted crayon pumpkin was so much fun the first go around.  We tried it again.  The difference this time was the crayons.  We used off-brand crayons, and they honestly melted better.  I love the streaking and the colors that you get from this process (See DIY Colorful Pumpkins Post for instructions.)  Be sure to put a box beneath your pumpkin and watch for run off of excess wax.

Our final pumpkin of the day was a treasure.  We all had a hand in painting the base color with white acrylic paint.  We then added colorful buttons to form the letter 'A'.  We used Tacky glue once again and arranged the buttons to form the shape of the letter.  It turned out beautifully!

My most treasured part of this was the memory making.  Shared experience is what connects us as people.  I will hold onto this memory and the fun we shared always.

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