DIY Cat Ears and Tail

Yesterday was National Cat Day.  It was a complete coincidence, but the theme for the day for dress up week at the studio was Kitty Cat Dress Up! Meow!!!

I knew I needed ears, so I ventured to Hobby Lobby to pick up my supplies. 

My supplies included: 

  • Pink Felt
  • White Fur
  • Glue sticks/ Glue Gun
  • 2 Alligator Hair Clips
  • Scissors
  • Spool of Fur (optional for tail)

You begin by simply cutting two wide Isosceles triangles in the fur and two congruent ones with the felt.  You then take these and hot glue a felt triangle to the non-furry side of the fur triangle.   The pink will eventually become the inside of the ears. 

You then fold the triangle along the longest side and make the bottom right corner overlap the left to form the three dimensional hollow triangle shape.  Once you have made the desired shape carefully glue this overlap together. 

Now you will attach the clips to the ears.  I used a piece of cardboard to ensure that I was only gluing the angular side to the bottom of the ear.  I slid the cardboard between the two sides of the clip to create a barrier. Carefully use the glue to adhere the clip to the side that you just formed of your triangle. 

Using the remaining fur or fur from the spool, cut a piece the length that you would like your tail to be.  You then fold the piece in half length wise and glue that together.  I attached that to the back of my pants using a safety pin. 

Since my plan was to be a blue leopard, I used the Snazaroo paint in blue and brushed it onto the furry side of my ears to compliment the paint that I had chosen.  Voila! You have some purrrrfect ears.

Check out my YouTube channel for a lesson in Cat Paint: http://youtu.be/u0fw9XTj7U0


Cheshire Cat: Face Paint Tutorial

The Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland has always intrigued me.  He is creepy and mysterious.  This face paint is sure to have your friends awe stricken.  


Again I am using Snazaroo face paint for this creation.  I highly recommend it.


Pirate Face Painting Tutorial: Coming Monday 10/27!

Stop by Monday to learn how to paint your face like a pirate! AARRRRRR Matey!

Pumpkin Decorating with Kids

Decorating pumpkins with kids is a fun experience all around.  They want to express themselves and put their personal touch on each pumpkin.  It is enjoyable to watch them experience this creative outlet as they adorn their pumpkin picks.

I had the pleasure of decorating with my niece and nephew.  So for her, we went with a 'Frozen' pumpkin and for him, we went with Spiderman.  (I debated Captain America too but figure the webs were easier to create than the circles on the unforgiving bumpy surface.)  We also made some additions that we could all play a part in. The results were fabulous.

For the 'Frozen' pumpkin, we began with a base coat of baby blue.  I brought a crown to top it off, sticky back rhinestones, snowflake stickers, silver sequins, and glitter. She went to town!  It turned out to be a beautiful pumpkin. Elsa would have surely adored this one.

For our Spiderman creation, we began with a base coat of red.  We added a spider cutout with mod podge. Using a blue paint pen we drew our webbing and outline of eyes to complete the masked look.   Using acrylic paint he filled in the eye cut outs and added his personal touch to the pumpkin.

While I was there I figured I might as well do another!  I decided on a gold pumpkin with a glitter spider and web.  I did the base paint for this one with spray paint as well. I added the cutouts that i found for embellishment at Michael's using Tacky glue.

Since the melted crayon pumpkin was so much fun the first go around.  We tried it again.  The difference this time was the crayons.  We used off-brand crayons, and they honestly melted better.  I love the streaking and the colors that you get from this process (See DIY Colorful Pumpkins Post for instructions.)  Be sure to put a box beneath your pumpkin and watch for run off of excess wax.

Our final pumpkin of the day was a treasure.  We all had a hand in painting the base color with white acrylic paint.  We then added colorful buttons to form the letter 'A'.  We used Tacky glue once again and arranged the buttons to form the shape of the letter.  It turned out beautifully!

My most treasured part of this was the memory making.  Shared experience is what connects us as people.  I will hold onto this memory and the fun we shared always.


Thriller Dance Mob: An Undead Tradition

Three years ago, on a whim, I decided that we (my dance community and I) were going to try remaking Thriller in the parking lot of my dance studio.  The result was thrown together quickly but amazingly fun.  We all wore our best zombie attire, applied makeup quickly, and decided to dance in the parking lot to make it as true to the original as we could.  A good photographer friend of mine (Farid Zarrinabadi of AustinPhotoNet) came and videoed for us so we could forever encapsulate this new found tradition we were bound and determined to continue. 

The result of our first Thriller recreation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w5EXwpiL-Xo&list=UURCY0pqOuDV-8At30tyDlFg

Fast forward to a year later, I decided to continue the tradition but this time to collaborate with our small town, the City of Pflugerville, and HEB's Community Challenge to make a city wide Thriller event. Why not be as inclusive as possible in spreading a little Halloween cheer?

We began by posting the breakdown of the choreography to YouTube and then inviting anyone and everyone we knew to participate.  At the event we had an assembly line of zombie face painting and a giant vat of corn syrup blood to add to the mix.  One by one faces turned white, were deathly shadowed and scarred, and began to "bleed" a sugar red mix. 

One of our resident photographers, Elizabeth Zimmerman of EZ Photography, captured some beautiful pictures of the event. 

It was a sight for sore eyes to watch the community come together in an effort to dance this time honored dance developed by Michael Jackson.  As a dancer, it was honestly amazing to see how enthusiastic everyone was about participating.  

This past weekend we gathered as a group to flash mob surprise an HOA's Fall Festival and again this weekend we will be performing at our local soccer fields.  I can say in all honesty that I love the enthusiasm and excitement that accompanies this tradition.  Although we have moved from place to place; this tradition seems to one that is preserving and becoming better each year. One day hopefully we can have a Central Texas area wide event of zombie's gathering to dance like the dead!

I encourage you all to arrange a Thriller mob in your neighborhoods.  You will be surprised and astonished at how many people love a little zombie dancing!


Eye of the Tiger

Do you have the eye of the tiger? I certainly do.  

After being down and out for a few days I am back folks.  Here today I have another video tutorial on how to paint a face like a tiger.  Do not fear: this one is much shorter than the zombie one!

Materials Needed:

Here is the step by step process for a quick Tiger Transformation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dKZvUweJh8U

Hope yours turns out prrrrrrrrrrfect!


Think Pink: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Ladies and Gents October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

This is not just an incredible occasion for wearing pink.  It is a time to dedicate some efforts to fundraising, supporting your community, and raising overall awareness for cancer in general.

Breast cancer is the second most common cancer in America (the most common is skin cancer.), but many women are surviving with this disease thanks to improvements in treatments and early detection. 

Often times we would like to help but feel helpless or unsure of how.  Here are some ways in which you can be a part of the solution or at least the team working towards a solution.  

The American Cancer Society plays an integral role in research breakthroughs and encourages women to reduce their risk of breast cancer by educating themselves on risk factors, using early detections techniques.  They also provide help in coping with diagnosis.  They are a sounds organization in the effort against cancer. 

Action Items: 
  • Register for a Walk and Make a fundraising effort- This is a great way to be a part of the action.  Walk in support of or in memory of someone you know who has been or is currently affected by breast cancer.  
  • Make a donation to the American Cancer Society.  If walking or running is not your style, you can help with a donation or by volunteering with an organization geared toward this cause. 
  • Be a Part of the NFL's Crucial Catch Day: October 25th.  Participate in these breast cancer education events and low-cost screenings.  
  • Go shopping for some new earrings.  This one is a personal favorite of mine.  20% of ONLINE sales of this particular color (rose quartz) of Kendra Scott earrings will be donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.
There are many other ways in which you can help.  Businesses across the nation rally behind this cause with partial proceed donations from various purchases.  It is a great way to kill two birds with one stone.  An example, we have a local business that donates to the American Cancer Society if you get an oil change with them on Tuesdays during October.  I decided to intentionally take advantage of this on Tuesday this week.  I encourage you all to research the best ways for you and your family to be a part of rally for this cause. 

Wearing pink is the easiest way to spread awareness for this disease.  

The American Cancer Society recently published some guidelines for nutrition and physical activity for cancer prevention.  Being informed and taking action will not completely reduce your risks for this disease but can be helpful in lowering your risk factors.  The organization encourages achieving and maintaining a healthy weight consistently during your lifetime.  Along with this, they suggest embracing a physically active lifestyle and a healthy diet with an emphasis on plant based foods.  They suggest limiting alcohol consumption as well. 

What action will you take?  Comment below if you have any unique or especially effective ways in which you intend to support this cause.  

Think Pink

New Era cap hat

Charlotte Russe crown headband


Pink tank top

H M blouse
$13 - hm.com

Flared skirt

Dr. Martens pink rain boots



Dia De Los Muertos Pumpkin

In thinking about a pumpkin that would have some longevity I decided to paint a detailed one.  So I ventured over to my local craft store yet again and purchased a carvable fake pumpkin.  I later discovered that they are less expensive on Amazon (see link below).  I figure I can put this into my fall decor storage at the end of the season and enjoy it for years to come. 

  • Pumpkin (Real or Fake will work)
  • White Acrylic Paint 
  • Brush
  • Multi-colored Sharpies (I recommend the fine point)
  • Black Fine Point Sharpie
  • Fake flowers
  • Hot glue sticks/ Hot glue gun
I began by sketching a skull shape on the face of my pumpkin.  For those of you who prefer to trace, you can draw the shape on a piece of paper then cut and trace that.  I initially used a very fine point Sharpie, but then darkened the line with a fine point Sharpie instead. 


My next step was to fill in the shape of the skull with white acrylic paint.  This was fairly easy to brush on with a sponge brush.  I had to do two layers in order to fill it in completely.  For coloring purposes afterward, you want to be sure to brush it on evenly so that your surface is clean and flat. Be sure to allow some time for your paint to dry. It took mine about two hours.

From there you draw the skull basics: eyes, nose, mouth.  For the eyes, I traced a circle because this shape has never been my forte. The nose is an upside down heart which, as a doodling girl, has always been easy for me.  For the teeth I drew humps on top and bottom. I did not measure this exactly but did try to line them up to form the tooth shape. 

Probably the most difficult part of this entire project was doodling around the outline to fill in these shapes.  I went to Google images and searched for pictures to work from.  I just did my best to make it as symmetrical as possible. I made rotating flowers inside the eyes and a flower petal shape outlining the circles of the eyes.  I added a mustache and detailed the teeth.  It was unintentional, but the top of the skull resembles a spiderweb too.  So be creative and sketch to your heart's delight.  If by chance you mess up, don't be discouraged.  You can always paint over it and then try again. 

After you have completed your outline, you fill in your skull with colors.  I went with bold colors.  You could also consider using paint pens to fill in the colors.  I then outlined parts that I thought need emphasizing.  It gave it a bolder look.  

My final touch was to take silk flowers and hot glue them in an arrangement on top.  I bought these on a single stem and used wire cutters to detach them.  They ended up looking beautiful atop this festive pumpkin.