Goodbye 2014

My blogging hiatus is over... after a relatively brief break, I have decided to begin again in light of tomorrow, the big starting day of 2015 (a year that sounds all too futuristic).  

Today is a good day to be easy on yourself.  To take a moment to relic in the light that shone on you in 2014.  To think of what lies ahead for you in the coming year.  To make realistic goals for the upcoming year.  To take joy in the new beginning. To be thankful for the journey that brought you to where you are.

As one of my major goals of the day, I have decided to revisit my dream board and follow up on the status of what remains to be accomplished.  I love putting a seemingly unrealistic goal on the list and then striving for it.  You never know what you can accomplish when you put your mind to it.  And I am one step closer to that unrealistic goal.  I have accomplished so many of the bigger ones and get to carry over some of the others.  As long as progress is evident, I can press forward in hopes of accomplishing new goals and finishing off those that remain.  I will continue to look for those within and without of my reach and see what the future holds. 

The trickiest part of making New Year's Resolutions is closing whether or not to tell another human in the world in order to hold you just that much more accountable when push comes to shove.  I choose to share most of mine with those closest to me, some with everyone, and just a couple with only myself.  The array of pressure is good for you.   

As for tonight, I am looking forward to this opportunity to wear some sparkles, put on my fancy shoes, some lipstick (cause it makes everything better), and toast what lies ahead.  Cheers 2015!  I hope you are all that I hope for.   I place my faith in you and humanity and hope that tomorrow is something better than we can even fathom.