Welcome to Confessions of Holiday Enthusiast! I created this blog recently to document the creative side of my life.  Having recently made a huge career change, I feel inspired and overwhelmed by the road ahead. Hopefully this blog will guide me to accomplish the imaginative actions I envision in the wee hours of the night.  I will share my absolute adoration of celebrating any and everything.  I will highlight the joy that accompanies DIY projects and implementing small but vigorous changes in our ordinary and extraordinary lives.  I will highlight my loves, my neuroses, my obsessions. 

To divulge on myself…I've lived in and around Austin, TX for almost 15 years. I am trained dancer.  I love teaching children the joy that comes in dancing and expressing themselves. My happiness comes in making the world a better place one human at a time. I believe in living by example more than preaching.  I love wholeheartedly, forgive much too easily and readily, dance in the rain, cuddle with my pup, and giggle often.  My husband would tell you a trail of glitter lines my path and will lead you right to me every time. I will use any excuse to wear a costume, paint a face, sing loudly, and dance to my hearts delight. What can I say? Holidays just always provide me with that opportunity. 

For this blog I have no concept set in stone and such a plethora of ideas that it will seem a tad like a ping pong ball bouncing around, but it will be an adventure sure not to miss. 

Follow me on my journey to live a little more and embrace my happiness...


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