To Sarabeth on her 33rd Birthday...

So every year as my birthday approaches, I cannot help but get excited about the impending celebration.  It is one of the best excuses we have to gather our friends that we hold near and dear to our hearts and do something fun that we enjoy.  Not only do we get to publicly acknowledge our blessings, but we get to make goals for our upcoming year and give ourselves directions and further purpose.

I just so happen to be turning 33 years old this year.  It also just so happens that 3 is my magic number for a number of reasons.  Schoolhouse Rocks highlighted its importance to me in my early childhood years, and ever since, I have been sold on the number 3.  [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aU4pyiB-kq0] I love its representation of so many things: past, present, future/ faith, hope, love/ Father, Son, Holy Spirit/ heart, brain, body.  The list could go on and on.  As a dance teacher, I adore situations in which I get to choreograph dances for multiples of three. My OCD brain enjoys formations that are visually appealing and yield themselves to dynamic group work. I met my husband when I was 30 years old and he was 33.  Coincidence? Absolutely not. The stars aligned, our souls collided, and now we share the most amazing friendship I have ever had the pleasure to experience. Now on the precipice of my 33rd birthday, I cannot contain my excitement.  

The trickiest part about a birthday is figuring out how to have a good time, without being stressed, and how not to go overboard (as I'm often told I do with every holiday.)  

The possibilities are endless.  I am currently considering figuring out a way to have my wide array of friends help me celebrate.  I would love to do a costume party but have probably delayed my planning too long to do that. (Luckily, there is a perfect holiday around the corner that will allow for costumes to my hearts content.)  I was thinking about having an at home party, but that would require some cleaning and reorganizing which sounds far from appetizing.  All signs point to do something locally.  Maybe lunch with friends, jumpoline with my students who would like to join in the fun, and dinner and a night out with more friends.  

Ever since we got married, my obsession with gold has grown multitudes.  I love that I see it all around.  I love that I can spray paint almost anything I want to with the color gold.  I love that it is the "in" jewelry color.  So below I have highlighted, some of the more simple things that would be fun for me on my 33rd birthday.  My hubby and I have discussed that experience seems to yield the best gifts (i.e. doing something out the ordinary, spontaneous vacays, memory making sort of excitement), but having just returned from a cruise and getting into the swing of fall and football season, I figured why not make a wish list.  

33rd Birthday Wishlist

As a dancer, I can always use some new kicks, so here you will see the two pairs that I find are staples to my 30 something wardrobe: Converse and Nike Free 5.0's.  I chose basic colors in these shoes to allow for versatility.  I recently redid our guest bedroom to find a workspace for myself in the transition phase in which I find myself.  In doing so, I created a fun and friendly office space with touches of gold and turquoise.  Here I have highlighted some encouraging wall decor and pencils as well.   The watch is something I have wanted for a while.  I see them popping up on the wrists of people all around who's style I adore.  I think this could be a great staple piece to add to my collection and wear for years to come. The wall tapestry is gorgeous!  My friend Brooklyn recently made a unique and stunning wall tapestry, but until my innovative and creative juices begin to pour out of me as they seem to with her, this one is beautiful and would compliment my new room perfectly.  The jeans are another staple to my wardrobe.  I used to adore buying and wearing fancy jeans in my past life.  Now give me Old Navy Rockstar jeans any day!  They are complimentary to my figure and always available in a variety of colors.  This boho frock is just an example of something I'd like to add for my winter collection, very versatile and fun.  As a child, the era in which Blossom was popular made my world!  Who doesn't like to accessorize?  Am I right? This hat would make a statement and keep me warm.  I would love to walk the streets of New York (visiting my bestie) wearing this stylish piece.  I have been eagerly awaiting Paolo Nutini to release new music for what seems like ages. To tell you I am excited for this new EP would be an egregious understatement.   Meiko is one of my favorites as well.  She is touring through Austin this fall, and I will be sure to be there with bells on. 

All in all, as my birthday approaches, in my 33rd year of living, I hope to find myself a little more, for my various prayers to be answered, for my general hopes and aspirations to become slightly more reachable, and to celebrate with those I love most.  Verbal acknowledgement of a birthday is honestly the best gift in my opinion.  I cannot wait to see what year 33 has in store for me. 

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