99 Days Until Christmas

Ninety-nine days until Christmas...

You could say that my Christmas enthusiasm trumps that of Buddy the Elf* especially since I wasn't lucky as he to be raised at the North Pole by elves.  From the moment the season ends and the decor is put away, I count the time until it is socially allowed to rejoice again with lights, hot chocolate, the smell of cinnamon and fir, and belting the carol of your choice.

My adoration for this holiday comes from the happiness that I associate with it and my grandmother's obsession with it. She would hum carols, bake the most delicious pies, and keep a lit tree into the Spring. I loved it.  As a child, I wondered why my immediate family didn't adopt this same tradition.  She had elves and miniature figurines that she was particular about arranging beneath her tree. She embodied the spirit of Christmas. Her focus was not on the materialism of Christmas but rather the general spirit of the holiday.Annually, I look forward to this season for the carols that I can blast from Thanksgiving on, for the delicious treats that I can partake in, for the cold weather cuddles, for the spirit of love and giving, for the goodwill that it inspires in man, and more.

The other day, in a nervous situation, I found myself humming "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" as I waited for a meeting. The lady next to me shot a look at me like I had annoyed her to the point that her skin crawled. I apologized and dropped my head. Later, as I laughed, I reflected on the comfort that I find in these carols. They calm me because of the warm fuzzies that I associate with this holiday.

To all of those dancers cast in the Nutcrackers everywhere, work hard and the reward will feel amazing. Those rehearsals now will be worth their weight in gold as you honor the timely tradition of performing this classic during the season.

To all of the planners who see this as a time marker for shopping, I encourage you to take your time.  Although it is great to be a step ahead of the game, it is also fun to embrace the spirit of the season during the season.  You could use this time to try hand making gifts this go around.  

The only thing I would encourage is taking a gorgeous fall family picture for the purpose of those Christmas cards.  In the time honored tradition, let everyone see the annual transformation of your family.  Book those photography sessions now before your favorite photog become inundated with his or her other clients.  I know we will be booking ours soon with Michelle Marie Photography.

I know that we have many holidays along the way between now and Christmas, but you can bet that the time will go quickly. Christmas, in all of its glory and splendor, will be here before you know it. So I encourage you to look forward eagerly but to enjoy the time along the way.  The change of the seasons is fun to experience in our preparation of this holy and elated time. 

(*No copyright infringement intended.  For entertainment purposes only. Buddy the Elf is a product of New Line Cinema.)

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