Halloween 2014 Recap

Although it is now dead and gone, Halloween 2014 was a blast for me.  I painted many faces, dressed up everyday the week leading to the big day, and got to be my overall festive self.  I figured a recap of the awesomeness could not hurt.  

I began the week as a half dead human.  My friend Michelle took the time out of her day to paint this one for me.  It's always fun to be on the painted side.  You hold still and trust that it will turn out as expected.  When I finally got to look in the mirror, I was very satisfied with the result.  Bravo Michelle for this creation! 

Saturday consisted of dance rehearsal with some face painting intermixed in the fun.  We had to do a trial run of Emme's Dia De Los Muertos makeup, and I wanted to try a trickier face with Hailley as my model for the day, hence the Chesire Cat appeared. 

Sunday of the week, we had October birthday celebration and family game day.  I had this hair brained idea that panting everyone's faces into cats while there would make for a purrrfect family photo, and boy did it ever?! We had pink, purple, blue, brown, and orange cats, one giraffe and one fox.  It always feels good when someone allows you to bring an idea to fruition, and this one came to life before my very eyes.  Isn't this one of the best family pictures you have ever seen?

Tuesday for dance class I decided to be a Sugar Skull.  I wanted to incorporate colors and rhinestones.  I painted quickly because it was a busy day but the results were great!  The kids at class that day were awesome too.  I had super heroes, zombies, a banana, a couple of unicorns and more. I love that they embrace the holiday and go full out for costumes the whole week too!

Wednesday was kitty cat day.  I couldn't wait to see all of the kids dressed up in their cat attire.  This one is fun because its easy to participate with a head band and construction paper (for ears), and eyeliner (for whiskers).  The showing did not disappoint.  It just so happened to be National Cat Day too which made the celebration even more fun.  

Next up, Thursday Vampire Day!  I love this day every year.  We have made this a tradition since Halloween of 2009.  We dress up like vampires and initiate our new teachers by "turning" them into vampires in a photo series. The kids and I look forward to this one every year.  This year we got to turn Kelly and Sarah; wonder who next year's victim will be?

I also had a model allow me to try another tricky looking face paint on her: the broken doll face.  My model, Peyton, hung in there for the 25 minutes it took, and the outcome was fantastic.

Finally it was Halloween Day! Friday, October 31st! A few people had asked me to paint their faces, I agreed eagerly.  I was excited to try a few new and old face themes: scary doll, crying vampire, deer, and a couple of zombies. 

I was lucky enough to marry into a family that enjoys this holiday as much as I do.  They dress up and make it a family and neighborhood affair with princesses, Power Rangers, super heroes, knights, and of course, many, many Elsas.  Complete with a maze and sips of witches brew, it is an authentic celebration.

For the third year, my awesome hubby allowed me to choose his costume and go with a theme.  Although Elsa and Kristoff aren't romantically entangled in the movie, it turned out fantastically.  The kids in the streets recognized us both, and we had lots of fun pretending to look for Anna like they are in ABC's Once Upon a Time currently. 

Hope your Halloween was as festive as mine and that your sweet tooth was satisfied.  Now its time to be cognicent of everything for which we are thankful and to eat all things pumpkin flavored. Adios All Hallow's Eve, until next year... 

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