The Greatest Gift: Advent Calendar

With a growing and developing baby in the house this year, I would love to begin some family traditions.  I went on the hunt for an Advent Calendar that captures the true meaning of this season and found the most lovely one by Ann Voskamp.  This one is not only beautiful, but it highlights the season of anticipation that the Christmas season holds as we wait in joyful hope to celebrate the birth of Jesus.  As a kid, we often had the Advent calendars with small boxes behind windows that you open and would reveal a small treasure or chocolate.  It is a fond memory of mine to have counted down the days in anticipation. 

Ann Voskamp has done something very similar but more liturgical.  Each day highlights a scripture and is then elaborated upon in terms easily understood by children.  The back story highlights the ways in which the verses relate to joyful hope that the season represents.  The day is then summed up in a brief prayer to contemplate for the day.

Today we got to begin Day 1 of the calendar.  Even though for our family the actual Advent season begins on Sunday, this particular calendar aligns with the month of December.   I believe that for many Orthodox Christians, the season is a 40 day period of time leading up to Christmas.

You read the passage that corresponds with the day, discuss it with your family, and then hang the paper ornament on the tree.  I just think this could be a beautiful tradition for our household. And y'all...this book is gorgeous too.  

Hope is such a precious gift that we have as humans.  I appreciate how the Advent season celebrates this gift.  I am look forward to continuing to celebrate the season and adding all of the ornaments.  Oh and bonus, Christmas day's window reveals a star for the top of the pop-up tree! 

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