Heart Attack

"Heart Attack" Boxes

Love is in the air.  Finding ourselves on the precipice of Valentine's day, I thought I might as well cut out some hearts and jot down some notes to surprise a couple of people with. 

Using red, pink, purple, and coral scrapbook paper, I cut out some varied sizes of hearts.  As I was taught in elementary school, the easiest way to cut a heart is always to make a fold in the paper to ensure the symmetrical shape of this love symbol.  To add some variety and texture, I also bought a bag of foam hearts (a fair mixture of plain and glittered). 

Then using so Sharpies I wrote some sweet notes of love, friendship and encouragement on the hearts. 

Taking a small few boxes, I taped a solid heart to the outside of the box to indicate the fun that awaited the recipient inside.  I addressed each box to its intended and added a few hearts around their names. 

I then added varied hearts to each box and some curled ribbons as well.  Two of mine were for some kiddos, so I put in a sweet Valentine's teddy bear for added enjoyment. 

I then taped each box closed and headed to the post office to send them off on their way to share some love.  

I just thought this would be a fun and easy way to bring a smile to a few faces this Valentine's Day. 

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